Arts, Media, and Entertainment

 Which pathways are offered?

  • Animation—This pathway prepares students to conceptualize and bring animation to life using learned art principles to effectively communicate their ideas through combined artistic elements.

  • Design, Visual, and Media Arts: Multimedia Production—New for Spring 2021! This pathway prepares students for success in multimedia broadcasting, news production, and journalism. Students will learn and display development of skills, elements of craft, and mastery of topics while becoming familiar with current and emerging technology and practices within multimedia broadcasting in various forms of media including television, radio, web/pod casting, and other emerging broadcasting technologies. Read more information here.

  • Digital Photography—This pathway is designed for students who want to enhance their photographic knowledge and abilities with an emphasis on skills used in commercial photography.

  • Game Design and Integration—This pathway prepares students to create design specifications and integrate art and sound, translating it all into a playable game. This requires knowledge of computer operating systems, programming and markup languages (JAVA, Python, C++, HTML5/CSS), and software development.

  • Graphic Design— This pathway prepares students to produce digitally generated or computer-enhanced media used in business, training, entertainment, communications, and marketing.

  • Web Design—This pathway prepares students to create, design, and produce interactive multimedia products and services.


What types of jobs can my student learn about and prepare for?*

Some of the jobs include:

  • Art/Graphics Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • Multimedia Artist and Animator
  • Photographer
  • Web Developer
  • Sound Engineering Technician

What is the salary outlook?*

Salaries vary depending on the job, experience, and location but approximate sample salaries include:

  • Art/Graphics Director—$94,220/year

  • Film and Video Editors—$59,810

  • Graphic Designer—$52,110/year

  • Multimedia Artist and Animator—$75,270

  • Photographer—$36,280/year

  • Sound Engineering Technicians—$45,510

  • Web Developers—$73,760

*Some of these jobs require additional education and certifications once a student graduates from high school. Salaries vary depending on the job title, experience, and location. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook. Website last modified date: Tuesday, September 1, 2020.

Which industry-recognized certification exams can my student prepare for?

  • ACT National Career Readiness certification

  • Adobe Certified Associate certifications

  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification