Letter from Our Head of Schools | California Virtual Academies

A Letter from the California Virtual Academies Head of Schools

Dear Parent,

Imagine a high-quality, WASC-accredited charter school that offers the innovative use of technology, a rigorous and interactive curriculum from Stride K12, individualized learning plans for each student, and accommodations to foster different learning styles. This high-quality charter school is a reality at the nine independent California Virtual Academies. Founded in 2002, the California Virtual Academies are nine publicly-funded charter schools serving students throughout the state.

When you enroll in one of the nine academies, you are enrolling in more than a school; you are joining an educational support system that, in partnership with your family and a California-credentialed teacher, was designed to give your child the best education possible.

The education provided by each of the California Virtual Academies enables your children to learn, explore their interests, and achieve their academic potential. For students enrolled in one of the academies, learning becomes a wonderful community and family experience. School outings help create real connections within the community of the California Virtual Academies.

We are proud of the schools' achievements and our outstanding parent, community, and faculty support system. From winners of national art scholarships to spelling bee finalists, California Virtual Academies' students continue to excel in all areas of academic achievement.

Not only are we proud of all of our schools; we also believe that it's a profoundly good choice for families who want to help their children get the education they deserve. On behalf of our dedicated community, I look forward to having you join us at one of the California Virtual Academies!

Best regards,

april warren

April Warren
Head of Schools